Washington snowplows with wacky names are ready for winter

WSDOT snow plow "Sir Plows-A-Lot"
Eastern Washington Tow Plow “Sir Plows-A-Lot” Source: WSDOT

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s still the middle of fall, but in the mountains of the Inland Northwest, snow is already starting to show up. That means it’s time for the snowplow crews of North Idaho and Eastern Washington to get their rigs ready to start work in just a few weeks. That includes Sir Plows-A-Lot, one of three Washington State snowplows with wacky nicknames.

Since 2019 WSDOT has asked the public to give each of their three tow plows based in the Spokane area funny nicknames. Last winter, Sir Plows-A-Lot joined The Big Leplowski and Plowie McPlow Plow on the highways of Eastern Washington.

WSDOT’s eastern region is home to the only tow plows in Washington state. The tow plow is designed to be towed and extended out at an angle behind a plow truck to clear two lanes at the same time. Tow plows are also equipped with a granular spreader and liquid tanks to disperse deicing materials.

2021 seems to be the year of naming snowplows in the United States. Minnesota named eight snowplows at the end of last winter and Colorado schoolkids named 20 plows ahead of this season. Vermont is holding a naming contest in schools this October. Michigan and South Dakota also have names for some of their snowplow fleets.

The origins of this trend come from literally an ocean away. In 2006, Scotland asked schools to come up with funny names for their plows, or gritters as they’re called in the U.K. In 2016 a new online tracking map meant anyone around the world could see what Luke Snowalker, Sled Zeppelin, or Buzz Iceclear were up to. A few viral news stories later, and it seems like punny plow names are here to stay.

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Gritney Spears
Sir Salter Scott
William Wall-Ice


Darth Blader
Snowtorious B.I.G.


Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya
Plow Bunyan
Snowbi Wan Kenobi

South Dakota

Blizzard Wizard
Walter the Salter
Thaw Enforcement


Plowasaurus Rex
Sir Salts-A-Lot


Plowie McPlow Plow
The Big Lewplowski
Sir Plows-A-Lot

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