Two suspects now arrested in Hayford Road murder

SPOKANE CO., Wash. – Court records show there are two suspects accused of killing a man and leaving his body in a field off of Hayford Rd earlier this month. 

Shawn Coddingham, 32, and Ezekiel Ray King Mentell, 23, have been charged with 48-year-old Jeffrey Hayes’ murder. 

Witnesses told police they saw two men driving northbound on Hayford Road in a white car the morning of December 2. They said a man was pushed out of the car, so they turned around and called 911. 

Court records show that car was a white Kia Optima that had been reported stolen on Thanksgiving. The car’s owner told police she lent it to Coddingham, but he never returned it. 

Another woman who knew Coddingham told police he had been staying with her just after Thanksgiving and stole her pistol and its holster.

Court records show Coddingham was meeting up with Hayes on December 2 for some kind of transaction.

Hayes had stayed the night at Northern Quest and was seen on surveillance footage getting picked up in the white Kia Optima. Phone records show Hayes was planning to pick up pills from Coddingham. 

Jeffrey T. Hayes

That same surveillance footage showed another person inside the car was wearing a Russell hoodie. 

Court records show there were only a few minutes between the time Hayes was picked up at Northern Quest and when witnesses saw him being pushed from the car on Hayford Rd. 

About 30 minutes after that, a man at Precision Fiberglass reported his white Mazda Protege had been stolen by a man who appeared to be “animated and upset about something.” 

When that Mazda was ultimately recovered, several items were found inside, including a Russell hoodie. 

Court records show the sweatshirt was submitted for DNA testing and came back with a match to Mentell, who was later arrested.

In an interview with police, Mentell said both he and Cottingham shot Hayes. An autopsy showed Hayes was shot in the neck and in the leg. 

According to court documents, Mentell told police that Cottingham had given him a pistol two weeks before and that Cottingham used a “snub-nose” revolver to shoot Hayes. 

Casings from the shooting scene matched the pistol that Cottingham was accused of stealing just after Thanksgiving. 

Mentell also told police that Cottingham threatened to kill him if he did not help, so he pulled Hayes out of the car on Hayford Rd. 

Mentell and Coddingham have both been convicted of several crimes. They have both been booked into jail for second-degree murder. 

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