Spokane Police remove children from home after fire call reveals ‘imminent risk’

6th and Crestline child abuse invsestigation
Spokane Police officers removed multiple children from a home in East Spokane believed to be in danger
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SPOKANE, Wash – A call for a small fire in a south Spokane backyard Sunday led first responders to children living in the home believed to be in danger.

Spokane Police won’t confirm much about the case for the safety and privacy of the children involved.

The Spokane Fire Department was called to a home in the 2100 block of East 6th Avenue just before noon Sunday. That’s in East Central Spokane near Crestline.

The fire department handled the fire that was initially burning in the backyard. Then they checked the home to make sure the fire didn’t spread.

What they found inside was enough to call in Spokane Police, as they were concerned with the welfare and condition of the children inside.

Spokane Police say what they found was enough to meet the threshold to remove the children for their safety. Child Protective Services was called in to investigate as well.

Now that the children are safe, SPD says it’s conducting an investigation to determine what, if any, criminal charges would be filed.

As of Monday afternoon, no one has been arrested or charged in connection with the case.

Source: KXLY.com