Spokane gears up for ‘Hamilton’ opening night

May 3, ‘Hamilton’ kicks off three weeks of shows at Spokane’s First Interstate Center for the Arts.

SPOKANE, Wash. — After a two-year pandemic delay, ‘Hamilton’ is officially loading into the First Interstate Center for the Arts ahead of opening night Tuesday.

“It’s the biggest show on the planet,” Justin Kobluk, West Coast Entertainment president said.

Kobluk said bringing the Broadway hit to Spokane was a process years in the making. 

“It took a few years to even get them into Spokane for 2020. Now, two years later, there’s a big buzz around Spokane,” Kobluk said. “This is 60,000 people descending on Spokane for what’s a phenomenal night of entertainment.” 

Saturday, 13 trucks rolled into town to begin load-in.

The West Coast Entertainment president said if this is your first time seeing Hamilton, get ready for a packed show.

“There have been very few shows that have changed what Broadway is,” Kobluk said. “‘Hamilton’ has done that. In terms of how it’s presented, how it sucks the audience in, it is so fast. If you’ve heard the music, you know you’ve got to pay attention, because you can fit a lot into those two hours.”

Masks are not required, but recommended for attendees. The West Coast Entertainment president said ticket holders can feel comfortable leaving their masks at home, if they choose to do so.

“All of the cast and crew are tested three times a week. Cast and crew are vaccinations required. Cast and crew are masked up, but on a public side, the pandemic and the numbers are in a good place to where we can recommend it and not require it,” Kobluk said.

‘Hamilton’ will perform 24 shows from May 3 to May 22. Seven shows are sold out, but tickets are still available for purchase. 

West Coast Entertainment encourages attendees to purchase their tickets from official vendors like Broadway Spokane and Ticket West.

According to Best of Broadway, West Coast Entertainment is not responsible for tickets purchased through third-party providers. If you’re looking for last minute tickets, Kobluk said don’t fall for any too good to be true scams.

“If you just google ‘Hamilton,’ you’re going to come across a lot of scalper tickets and they all look great online, but you’re going to end up spending two, three, four times what you should be spending,” Kobluk said.

Another opportunity for tickets is through the ‘Hamilton’ lottery. The lottery opens every Friday at 10 a.m. and closes at noon on the Thursday after. Winners and non-winners are notified on Thursday for the following week’s performances. The lottery is available through the official ‘Hamilton’ phone app. Winners are eligible to purchase two tickets.

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Article Source: Krem2