Spokane County to get domestic violence court

Spokane County received a $500,000 grant last week to launch a domestic violence court.

Annie Murphey, the director of the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition, says the new court will reduce recidivism and make sure domestic violence cases are handled by people with training and expertise.

“This is a huge win for Spokane County,” she said. “We’ve had high rates of domestic violence for years, and actually many years ago, over 10 years ago, there was a combined DV court in Spokane, but it wasn’t focused at the felony level like this court will be, so we’re excited to be able to implement this here in Spokane, and really look at doing things differently so we can hopefully see the numbers decrease.”

Murphey says the new court will include funding for a coordinator who will connect perpetrators to substance abuse, counseling and employment resources.

They’re will also be victim advocates, and staff equipped to address domestic violence as whole-family issue.

She says the court is on track to be operational early next year.

Article Source: Spokane Public Radio