Snoqualmie, Blewett pass to open Sunday, others delayed

WSDOT says snow plows are making good progress on Washington passes, however some may not reopen for a few extra days.

WSDOT says there’s still a lot of work to do, but Snoqualmie and Blewett pass should be open for drivers sometime on Sunday. There will be an update on what time they open Sunday morning.

However, White pass will take until Monday to reopen, and Stevens Pass and Tumwater Canyon are not expected to reopen before Tuesday.

Stevens Pass has snow standing around 35 ft tall, and mounds of snow in some rare locations on the mountain. Avalanche control from a helicopter may be used for clearing work.

US 2 Tumwater Canyon, east of Stevens, recorded 208 snow slides, about 25 slides per mile. WSDOT will continue to monitor conditions of the road, but it will likely take until Tuesday to open.

White Pass has a substantial amount of untouched snow and debris, which has delayed their reopening. It’s unlikely White Pass will open before Monday.

“This has been a long, tough process,” WSDOT tweeted. “We appreciate everyone’s patience while our crews work as fast and hard as they safely can to reopen.”

WSDOT will post updates on the passes Sunday morning.

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