Shining Star: The football star who can do it all

SPOKANE, Wash. —There are plenty of multi-sport high school athletes throughout our region, playing two or three sports throughout the year, but how many of those kids come from a family with a wide range of skills that also including performing and singing.  That’s exactly who Matthew Heer is, a senior at Lewis and Clark High School.

“Played every single sport. I played racquetball, my dad played semi-pro racquetball so we’d play racquetball together. I’ve done basically everything,” said Matthew Heer.

Senior running back for Lewis and Clark High School Matt is a three-sport varsity athlete, This spring he wants to take his shot at trying to make the golf team, the only sport he hasn’t lettered in yet.

“I know he’s been thinking about that and I try to tell him you can golf the rest of your life, but from what he tells me he’s a fantastic golfer, but I wouldn’t expect to hear anything from him,” said his Head Coach Joe Ireland.

Though admittedly, Matt says the only sport he isn’t good at is water sports, but his talents go beyond the field.

“Well my brother’s a vocal preformist major and he’s like a professional singer and I’ve grown up singing with him,” said Matthew.

In fact, he even sang the national anthem at football and basketball games in the past. He is someone who has also been looking towards the future for some time now with his 3.5 GPA and
doing Running Start at Eastern Washington University.

“I want to get my exercise science degree and become a PT like my dad. My dad’s a PT for the military for 21 years, and already go the credit for it at Eastern and continue with that,” he added.

While he’s still at Lewis and Clark, coaches will enjoy his enthusiasm and dedication to the game and his team.

“Being able to see my friends on the field, off the field, it’s really creating a bond that being able to grind with them that’s my favorite part of the game,” said Matthew.

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