Senator Murray announces more than $60M to go towards improving Washington supply chain

SEATTLE, Wash. — Senator Patty Murray announced that a $60 million grant will go towards improving the state’s infrastructure and local supply chain.

This comes after the Port of Seattle has experienced clogged traffic due to increasing supply demands. Murray plans for the funds to go towards Washington’s local governments to improve their infrastructure accordingly.

“I encourage local governments and communities across the state to apply for these funds and reach out to my office for any needed assistance,” said Murray.

The grant comes from the Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity program. Established by Murray in 2009, the RAISE program helps fund Washington’s transportation infrastructure projects through the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“I created the RAISE program in 2009 to fund transportation infrastructure projects like these ones—projects that reduce traffic, make goods and cargo flow freely, support local economies, and create jobs in Washington state,” she said.

The grant is going towards the East Marginal Way Corridor Improvement Project. The project aims to reduce freight traffic around the Port of Seattle in light of the recent global supply chain crisis. The funds will specifically go towards Seattle, Longview, Snohomish County, and Aberdeen.

“The federal dollars going towards the East Marginal Way Corridor Improvement Project will help get freight from the Port of Seattle to where it needs to go faster and reduce congestion in and around Seattle, helping to bolster our supply chains by allowing people and goods to move more easily,” she said.

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