Scam callers impersonating law enforcement, targeting local businesses

cell phone

SPOKANE, Wash.– A new phone scam is targeting Spokane’s local businesses.

The Spokane Police Department was recently notified of callers pretending to be law enforcement officials.

These callers directed their phone calls toward youth workers, instructing them to remove money from cash registers and transfer the cash to gift cards. Police say the scammers used a “spoofing” software allowing callers to change the phone number seen by the recipient. They made it appear as though police were calling.

Police say the best way to protect yourself from these scams is to be vigilant. They say that in general, law enforcement will not demand money, especially over the phone. To protect yourself, never give financial information over the phone to those who have not been verified.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be in law enforcement, call Crime Check to verify the authenticity of the caller.

The case is still under investigation. Anyone who has information is asked to call crime check at 509-456-2233 and reference incident 2021-20183810.