Retirement community donates teddy bears to sheriff’s office in hopes to help kids during domestic violence calls

SPOKANE, Wash.– A retirement community made sure almost 100 teddy bears were given to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office this Valentine’s Day.

The stuffed animals are gifts from the Touchmark Retirement Community meant to help kids feel more comfortable with deputies when they respond to domestic violence situations. The hope is that the teddy bears will provide a much-needed hug to kids who are going through a traumatic time.

The bears were donated in honor of long-time law enforcement officer Allen Kidder. Kidder worked for Spokane County and Spokane Valley for 24 years. He also lived at Touchmark until he passed away last year.

Lead Chaplin Robert Kinnune said acts of kindness like this can go a long way.

“Being called into scenes with chaos and sometimes pain and loss, something the simplest thing you can do is give them this wonderful stuffed animal,” Kinnune said.

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