Red Cross hosts evacuation site in Ritzville

RITZVILLE, Wash. — On Thursday the Red Cross opened a shelter at Ritzville Grade School for people evacuating their homes in Lind. The evacuation center provided meals, water, and even an entertainment area for people evacuating their homes.

Those living in Lind described evacuating as a stressful experience, saying they didn’t have much time to leave their homes.

“I’m helping pack up my sister and her friends… and I see fire by the gas station, it was a while away but still it was pretty close and it’s like ooh, that’s too close for comfort. So we just packed up everything and left and as we were leaving I saw smoke and everything,” said Olivia Simpson, a Lind Resident at the shelter.

The Red Cross said the shelter will stay open throughout the night depending on need of the community.

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