Plowie McPlow Plow helps clear Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmi Pass Plowie
Plowie McPlow Plow
Credit: WSDOT

SPOKANE, Wash.– We know what Plowie McPlow Plow is capable of over here in eastern Washington. Now, the western side of the state knows just how great it is.

Over the weekend, the tow plow was sent down the interstate to help clear Snoqualmie Pass.  The Washington Department of Transportation said tow plows are used often in the Spokane area.

Snoqualmie Pass opened to freight traffic Sunday evening. The speed limit for trucks heading over was 45 mph.

White and Blewett Pass are also back open. It could be until Wednesday that Stevens Pass is cleared enough to allow traffic through.

Plowie McPlow Plow got its name when WSDOT has the public submit suggestions. Then, WSDOT picked internally as a group and put it out for a vote. From those favorites, people got to vote again in a bracket and Plowie McPlow Plow was crowned the winner.

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