Meet four local pets bringing joy to Instagram followers around the world

It’s not the recipe demos, hair tutorials, outfit-of-the-day inspo or even silly memes that make Instagram still relevant in a time when our attention spans are as fleeting as the next reel. It’s adorable animals, and, if you ask us, they’ll always be the best thing to ever grace social media, fostering connection and spreading joy. Your feed may already be filled with cute animals, but make sure to give these local pals a follow, too.



“Sliding down hills, and into your hearts” is Leny’s motto, and how this 4-year-old golden retriever has gained more than 57,000 followers. Leny’s go-to spot is the big grass-covered Rockwood Reservoir near the South Perry District, where steep hills make for prime slides. “He also loves to run and somersault and wiggle on his back,” says Leny’s mom, Jackie Caro. “We get messages from all around the world from people telling us how much joy Leny’s slides bring them. How could a dog sliding down a hill not make you smile?”



This sassy, pint-sized Persian loves three things best: Cheerios, licking plastic and hanging out in her tiny green camping tent. The 14-year-old, silvery-gray floof was adopted by her owner, Candace, back in 2014 and has been living a life of luxury since, while gaining a following of 16,800 on her account, to which she posts almost daily. “People really love cats on the internet,” Candace says. “I like that followers get to share in her life and her adventures. Plus, it’s a fun outlet where I can be a little creative.”



From knocking over the dining room chairs to show his displeasure when dinner’s late, to daily snuggles with his family, Banks the pig’s updates are a mix of adorably naughty and nice. The 3-year-old, 65-pound pig also loves to sleep and, of course, eat, says owner Julie Adams. Besides healthy fruits and veggies, Banks enjoys occasional treats from spots like Hello Sugar and The Scoop. “[Instagram] has been a great way to get advice from other pig owners, and make some ‘friends,’ plus we wanted to help support our local community by tagging places Banks visits, foods he tries, people he meets, etc.,” Adams says.



Inlander readers may recall meeting Leon in our first Pet Issue, back in 2018. Leon is still adventuring throughout the Inland Northwest, sauntering down trails on the end of his leash, and, when he gets tired or bored, lazily looking out from the backpack carried by his owner, Megan Ferney. Tagging along on these many adventures now, however, is “little brother,” Arthur, adopted in late 2020. The contrasting ginger orange and smokey blue duo make for an even more delightful sight, whether snuggled up at home on their days off or perched on the end of a paddleboard. ♦

Article Source: Inlander