Liberty Lake City Council votes to keep ‘Gender Queer’ book in local library

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — The Liberty Lake City Council voted to keep the book “Gender Queer” in the Liberty Lake Municipal Library.

The motion was passed with a 4-2 vote. It came after public commentary from both citizens and city council members.

“Gender Queer” was heavily challenged in 2021 “because it was considered to have sexually explicit images.” Erin Zasada filed a complaint with the Liberty Lake Municipal Library, asking it to reconsider the book’s placement.

Zasada’s request was denied by the library board, leading to an appeal and causing it to be presented before the Liberty Lake City Council. The main concern was that the book appears to be oriented toward children while containing graphic imagery.

After the council’s decision, the book will remain available at the Liberty Lake Municipal Library.

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