I Saw You


Re: West Central Wailing: Where I commend your ability to be understanding of the toils of addiction, it’s a slippery slope. If we are not careful, Spokane will turn into an SEA, PDX, SFO. It is, in fact, NOT OK to hunker down in a neighborhood and shoot up. As you witnessed, it brings with it a whole host of other behavior that is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. I understand that this is much more nuanced and complicated than what can be captured here, but, ultimately, we have control over what happens in our neighborhoods — and THAT cannot stand.

Jayme From Oasis Has Moved: Hi, everyone. This is JAYME. I used to work at Oasis. Some of my clients did not get the news that I left. I am now at SOLA SALON ON 29th.


28th Amendment: We the people need to insist on a 28th Amendment. Congress is completely out of control. Every law passed by Congress must apply to all citizens of the United States and to all Senators and Representatives equally. Go online and sign the 28th Amendment petition. This would put an end to Congress being able to “EXEMPT” itself. If we are required to abide by the rule of law, Congress should have to do the same.


Cathy McMorris Rogers’ Brother Hiring: The hiring of Cathy McMorris Rogers’ brother article in Sunday’s paper, really? It states that her position had nothing to do with his hiring, in her office, really, if she wasn’t a congresswoman would he even be considered, and he will be controlling the funds of American Rescue plan that she didn’t even vote for, this should be interesting, her brother, a former Trump employee, controlling a mostly Democratic plan. This should be a worry for the state.

2 Exemptions No Accommodation: Washington state, it is really sad that we prefer mandates over law. I followed this process, was granted both the medical and religious exemption, but was informed there is no reasonable accommodation or alternative job assignment. They claim they searched in good faith, but truly how does one prove this happened? You can’t.

BIG “Man”: To the actual butthole in the ugly douchey truck who pulled out in front of me 10/19 on Rockwood: No matter what you think happened, it takes a big man to yell threats at a 125-pound girl and then follow her several blocks. Hope you feel good about yourself. Your license plate has been reported to the police.

To the SJWs: It’s amazing to see the hatred towards LEOs, especially in the 14-20 October edition. To the male or female who wrote last week about his/her disgust with the LEOs for simply standing up for their rights, shame on you. (Also you were not given a ticket simply for having an “F You Trump” sticker. Judging by your jeer and what appears to be a sad worldview you live in, you probably drive like a jerk). God bless our State Troopers who won’t bow to King Inslee’s tyranny.

Nonpartisan? Jeers to the Spokane County voters pamphlet that describes candidates as “nonpartisan” when they are clearly partisan. A quick internet search on these candidates could prevent making the mistake of voting for those who are bent on turning Spokane into another Portland or Seattle, or bring dangerous progressive ideas into the classroom.

Glass Houses: To the person full of jeers for those speaking up about COVID and implying that the use of the term “Trumpt***d” is an ableist slur used only by liberals, it appears you need to be reminded that the term is a retaliatory term created in response to the “libt***d” term that is so popular with the largely uneducated conservative population. While the use of any ableist slur is inappropriate, you should understand the background of the topic before you suggest that others are uneducated. Let’s not even get into COVID — your jeers tell us all we need to know about your knowledge of that topic.

Trash Queen: DRB, can I guess your costume this year? Recycling; cause every other day you’re trash. Jeers to you, you emotionally abusive pathological sociopath of a liar.

Tin Ear: This Spokane music venue has kept the same tin-eared, unobservant sound tech on staff forever. Why? His mix is consistently muddy, he rarely has all of the instruments turned up in the mix, he can’t be bothered to boost a solo on time. Please hire a soundman who can see the drummer play his toms and get them in the mix before the end of the show. Geez

“No Muffler Man” (sung to the melody of “Nowhere Man”): (1) He’ a no muffler man, making all the noise he can

Making all my neighbors mad and me too

(2) Doesn’t have a job some say, ‘Cause he does this everyday

No muffler man, please go away and stay

(3) No muffler man please listen, We have signed a petition

Leave us all some peace and quiet today

(4) lead break

(5) Is he blind to cars and trees, Children stay away from him

No muffler man we hear you miles away

(6) No muffler man we worry, That you’ll never grow up and

Be a nuisance till I’m placed inside of a grave

(7) Doesn’t have a sense of time, Keeps that heap barely alive

Driving us to suicide each day

(8) No muffler man won’t listen, to all our pleas and wishes

Junk that trash and come have pancakes with me.

(9) He’s a no muffler man, Making all the noise he can

Making all my neighbors mad and me too

Making all my neighbors mad and me too

Making all my neighbors mad and me too” ♦

Article Source: Inlander