COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends of Feed Spokane,

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Feed Spokane Board to personally thank you for your past support of our organization. As you know, our mission is to safely rescue quality food to feed Spokane’s hungry by nurturing sustainable community networks and charitable partnerships while eliminating food waste.
During the Covid-19 pandemic we have faced many challenges. Our food supply was altered due to the multiple closures of restaurants. Our coalition of meal providers could no longer hold community meals and had to resort to making food available for distribution, and our Distribution Center had to undergo changes to collection, sorting and distribution of food to our members. Through all these modifications we have remained strong and true to our mission.

Our collection of quality food has increased substantially since the COVID – 19 outbreak. In March we collected just over 24,000 lbs., April was 25,000 lbs. and May being over 28,000 lbs. of quality food passed on to the hungry of our community. We have already exceeded 30,000 lbs. in the month of June.

Our largest fundraiser, Dine Out to Feed Spokane in March, was abruptly cut short due to participants closing their businesses. Other fundraising efforts may also be difficult without the ability to hold large gatherings. I would like to ask you for a direct donation to Feed Spokane to assist us with continuing to rescue food and distribute safely. You can set this up at donate Feed Spokane.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Article Source: Feed Spokane