Construction Update: Libraries Closing Soon


With the grand opening of our newest Library locations, we have to say a temporary (or permanent) farewell to some of our other locations. Mark your calendars with the dates below to know which Libraries are closing and opening for continued access to your favorite books and materials.

Library Closures

  • October 27 | Indian Trail Library closes for renovations
  • October  27 | To Be Continued @ NorthTown Mall closes permanently. Will be replaced by Shadle Park Library at 2111 W. Wellesley Ave.
  • November 5 | East Side Library closes permanently. Will be replaced by Liberty Park Library 5 blocks west at 402 S. Pittsburg Street.
  • November 12 | South Hill Library closes for renovations

Library Openings

  • November 3 | Shadle Park Library
  • November 12 | Liberty Park Library

Learn more about all the projects here.

Article Source: Spokane Public Library