Arctic Blast bringing temperatures near zero degrees to Spokane area

Temperatures will be near zero degrees each morning in Spokane through the first day of the New Year.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The coldest weather of the year is arriving in time for the final week of 2021. Temperatures are expected to drop to near zero in Spokane and have already dropped below zero for parts of the Inland Northwest.

The first push of arctic air is arriving from the north and northwest. Strong winds funneling through the Okanogan Valley have created a dangerous combination of extreme cold and high winds. Wind chills, or feels like temperatures, were as low as -30 degrees in Omak Monday morning. Wind Chill Warnings were issued as a result and may again be needed later this week.

Meanwhile, in Spokane, high temperatures will likely remain in the teens all this week. High temperatures below 10 degrees are fairly uncommon and haven’t happened since November 24, 2010. But lows below zero are less rare. It was March 1, 2019 the last date that saw a sub-zero reading.

During a stretch of weather like this, it’s important to be prepared outside, inside and while traveling. Dress in multiple layers to stay warm while outside, particularly when the wind is strong and causes wind chills to drop. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your pets too, as some animals don’t like the cold as much as others.

Inside, keep the warm air circulating throughout the home, especially where the plumbing is. This gives you the best chance for pipes to not freeze over. People should also check in with their elderly neighbors and family members to make sure they are comfortable and doing the same during this cold stretch of weather.

Drivers should have an emergency kit in their car while traveling, including blankets, water, phone changers, batteries and first aid.

New Year’s Eve weather will be very cold for those hoping to see fireworks displays. Spokane’s fireworks at Riverfront Park are slated for 9 p.m. on Friday night. The forecast at that time is for a temperature of 3 degrees and a wind chill of -7°. Be sure to be extra careful if you are planning on being outside at that time.

In addition to the cold weather, a good chance for snow while move through the Inland Northwest on Thursday. It’ll likely be another one-to-two-inch dusting as the cold weather will result in more fluffy and powdery snowfall. But that will still add to the slippery roadways. 

Article Source: Krem2